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SB Workshops 

Bring Your Strategy to Life

Refine and activate your business strategies in ways that will align your internal teams, heighten your brand relevance in the marketplace, and drive good growth by tapping into customer demands. Choose from a selection of one-day workshops where brands can convene either in-person or virtually to discuss crucial business questions, brainstorm ideas, and develop strategic solutions.

SB Brand Purpose Workshop:
Leverage Your Brand Purpose

This full-day workshop, co-created in partnership with We First, dives into the business case of brand purpose and walks brand leaders through the facets of leveraging a strong brand purpose for impact and growth. Whether you have a solid brand purpose or need support in crafting one, this workshop equips brands with a business-ready roadmap detailing transformative growth and change with all stakeholders, while answering to the changing expectations and critical business imperatives. (Coming Soon!)

SB Pull Factor Workshop:
Enhance Your Brand Messaging

This half-day workshop inspires cross-functional teams to improve your brand’s sustainability messaging by exploring ways to shift culture towards sustainable living by creating a pull towards sustainability, rather than a push. Meet customers where they are by developing your strategy through the lens of consumer needs and core values, alongside the social and environmental issues that influence brand preference and purchase intent. Unlock bold, sustainability-driven communications ideas that are grounded in the core equities of your brand and resonate with consumers, while increasing brand relevance, engagement, and brand perception.

SB Retail Activation Workshop:
Activate Your Partnerships

Unleash the sustainability opportunity found between brands and retailers in this full-day workshop. Dovetailing from the success of the SB Excellence in Execution™: Retail Activation for Good playbook, and co-created in partnership with Grounded World, this workshop results in a fully developed brief that can either be pitched by a brand to retailers, or by retailers to a category of brands, that unlocks the unique selling opportunity found within driving sustainable consumer behavior change. (Coming Soon!)

"The Pull Factor Workshop was able to align our teams across marketing, communications, innovation, R&D, and supply chain to focus on a common task - with feedback coming in from the broader team that this was the most cross-functional experience they've had during their time at Kraft Heinz and that being able to participate in this workshop was eye opening and extremely valuable. Many walked away feeling personally inspired about the fact that they could contribute to our ESG efforts."
Head of ESG Growth, North America,
The Kraft Heinz Company

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and unlock your brand's potential? Download more information on each workshop below.